CHRIST, LORD is a six piece Eastern European influenced pop group out of Atlanta, GA. You'll find the lively band playing anywhere from fancy restaurants to grimy basements, art
museums to smoky clubs, street corners to living rooms. Their act, including an accordion, a stand up bass, a tuba, an electric guitar, a trumpet and drums, feels like dancing slow on the rain-wet cobblestones of Hungary, yet transcends towards the most intricate and fun wedding dance in the same country-side. They've played with Atlas Sound, Dark, Dark, Dark, Reptar, The Growlers, O' Death, The Coathangers, World Inferno Friendship Society, Hello Ocho, Little Tybee and many more.

"Christ, Lord pulls influence from sources such as Beirut, Tom Waits, and Man Man but Christ, Lord manages to rise above their predecessors’ weight. The band remains beautifully ramshackle." - Performer Magazine.

http://www.facebook.com/christcommalord www.christcommalord.com

HELLO OCHO is a psychedelic collage of bedroom funk with a smooth mixture of electronic and acoustic instruments. Once just a poppy, exuberant dance act, Hello Ocho has honed their sound into something far deeper, yet still fun. Their latest album, released earlier this year, has been met with much praise.

“It's full of soft and dreamy spiritual anticipation, wrapped in a dark and rhythmic excursion, punctuated by just enough ecstatic shouting to pique your ears and your synapses” - Creative Loafing, Atlanta.


HALLUCINEX is the shoe-gazey, daydream experience of local favorite Taylor Noll. The music is sweet and subtle; like the fondness you feel for your high school love. On the 16th, he'll be joined by Paul Georner of Blackrune to really create some onstage mysticism. If Hallucinex is the light, then Blackrune is the dark and together the boys will vibrate with an intensity that none will surely forget.

http://blackrunemusic.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/blackrunemusic

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