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Going to be a wild night of video/music and insane halloweenin'

Who doesn't love making flyers.


Co Labing

The Co-Lab has been having a pretty solid string of music lately. I think the kids are getting excited...

Last night was a good example.

It was Aux Arc with sample mang's Magic Places and Manatee

The Dark of the Moon by DoctorSeaver

Caterpillar by MANATEE

Highnoon (Demo) - Aux Arc by DoctorSeaver


Photos: Music in the New Covenant Church

I thought it was a successful night. We got to hear some excellent music from Maryland's finest. I plan to make this a regular occurrence. I am really impressed by the spaces here in Savannah, and I am trying to organize some more shows inside them. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

The following pictures were taken and edited by Brent Grant.

the shy violet




Come see music in a church for free

As a precursor to Saturday's madness The Shy Violet, Spermwhales and myself(recons) will be playing some music in the basement of New Covenant Church on Bull street. Come join us for some sanctuary from the hottest month of the year.


Update: Spermwhales added to Studio 2-Ten line up

It looks like Maryland's Spermwhales will be playing alongside HUME and the Shy Violet on Aug 21st.

Dreaming from SPERMWHALES on Vimeo.

For more information check the space: www.myspace.com/spermwhales4321


NEW WORK by Savannah

We're gearing up for another show in a couple weeks. Along with some excellent out of town music, we have some excellent in town artists. A pretty diverse group is exhibiting some of their most recent work. Here they are. -----

Untitled by Perry Lewis

Cultivating Soul by Cameron Loughrey

Goldie Han Solo and Slum Lord Skate Urbania by Andy Kettler

Self Portrait in a Yard by Maggie Mondanile

The show, if I haven't gotten it across yet, is Saturday August 21st at new gallery Studio 2-ten, Locate at 210 West Victory Drive in Savannah. 5 bucks at the door. BYOB

We're wrapping up summer with style----


Sat August 21st -- Show at Studio 210 on Victory

Currently organizing a multi media show for next month. Live performances from DC based quartet Hume, and Maryland's the Shy Violet. Also exhibiting work from some of Savannah's summer population.


Julian Lynch / Table / Recons 7/5

It was a lazy Monday, but I think the fact that the heat index was 10 points lower (somewhere in the upper 80's), helped make it what it was. Table and Julian Lynch both offered two strangely visceral moving sets. No one really had any idea what to expect. I had picked the two to play and couldn't of imagined what ended up happening.

recons setting up

Jeff Zagers as Table

Julian on Clarinet

Julian on midi wind instrument

Julian on Harmonic